Advertising according to Jim

Advertising is like Mr. Wolf, it needs to solve a problem! This is one of the main reasons why Jim Roses started his own agency, after having worked for many others, at the avenue in NYC. He believes that successful advertising has the potential to strike the right nerve. It can even make you cry or be so persuasive that it calls you to a certain action. It has the power to make you angry or irritated because it can be aggressive. Whatever it does or doesn’t, there is only one thing it should do… it must sell! Sometimes aggressive, sometimes persuasive, but at the end of the day there should be only one thing on the mind of your client: buy it! So be absolutely honest and answer this question for yourself: do I know how to do this?.... you don’t? Don’t worry, he does. So stop reading, start calling cause it will be the most changing call of your entire professional life!



Jim Roses thinks fast and acts fast. That’s why Jim Roses likes to communicate as direct as possible.
You can send him an email, but he won’t email you back. He will call you!